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You don't Get into Medical School?

For students who don’t get into medicine in the UK, it can be a challenging and disappointing experience. However, it’s important to remember that there are still many options available to re-apply and achieve your goal of becoming a doctor. At Medic Mentor, we understand the difficulties of the medical school application process and the disappointment that comes with unsuccessful applications. That’s why we are here to support you in navigating the application process, improve your chances of success, and achieve your dreams of becoming a doctor. Whether you need advice on re-applying, guidance on improving your application, or support with entrance exams, our team of experienced doctors and Chief Mentors are here to help you every step of the way. So don’t give up on your dreams of becoming a doctor. With Medic Mentor, you have the resources, support, and expertise you need to succeed.

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If you are unsuccessful at applying for Medical school on your first attempt through UCAS  (specifically, if you have been rejected from your 4 UCAS options), then you can access a variety of alternative options to secure a place at a medical school. 

The additional routes are a means of ‘re-applying’ to medical school.  Most applicants who apply for the first time are unsuccessful – usually between 70-85% in previous years.  Most of these students give up, because they are unaware of the variety of options available to re-apply. 

Gaining access to information on applying to medical school as a first-time applicant is hard enough; access to advice and guidance on all of the re-application routes is even more difficult. 

However,  if you decide to explore the re-application process, you will discover a huge range of additional routes that means you are twice as likely to obtain an offer to study medicine on your second attempt!  If you still want to be a doctor, we are here to support you on your re-application journey.

In our Blogs You'll Find Advice & Guidance on:

There are several reasons why students may not get into medicine in the UK. One of the main reasons is high competition for places. Medical schools in the UK are highly competitive, and there are often many more applicants than available places. Other reasons may include a lack of preparation for the application process, low grades or test scores, insufficient clinical experience, and a weak personal statement or interview performance. Another common reason is not seeking enough help and support during the application process. Applying to medical school can be a daunting and complex process, and it’s important for students to seek guidance and support from experienced professionals such as Chief Mentors, to maximise their chances of success. At Medic Mentor, you can start by joining our free virtual reapplication conference, to help students improve their applications and succeed in their medical school goals. Our team of experienced doctors and medical educators can provide expert advice, personalised support, and valuable resources to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a doctor.

Re-application starts as soon as you have been rejected from all 4 of your medical schools.  That means that you do not have to wait until the next academic year to re-apply.

There are several options that you can explore even before the end of your current academic year, and if you are successful in these, you could find yourself starting medical school this September, just like everyone else who applied successfully on their first attempt. 

Examples of these routes include, UCAS Extra, Clearing, applying to the Republic of Ireland or an accredited European Medical School. 

We will explain all of these routes in detail within our blog series to help you make an informed decision about which route is best for you.  If you haven’t already attended a Get Into Medicine Conference, please attend to get a deeper understanding on where you may have gone wrong and how to strengthen your next application. Try to attend as early as possible so that you can take full advantage of some of these opportunities, which you can apply through right now!

Let's Get that Medical School


Medic Mentor is an all-in-one solution to your medical school application.  We bring only the best resources for tackling every single component of your medical school application to one place.  We are here to help you work efficiently, by balancing the UCAS application process alongside your school work and extracurricular activities.  One of the best ways to save you time is to direct you to the best advice and resources so that you do not have to waste time searching for them yourselves.

We know what you are going through, as doctors and medical students who were in your position!  By combining application knowledge, extracurricular opportunities, platforms to up-skill and boost confidence, it is not a surprise that Medic Mentor students are successful.  Will it be difficult? Yes, applying to medical school is not easy.  But through Medic Mentor it will be less stressful, and even fun.  Let’s get started!

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