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comprehensive Medical UCAS support for teachers

Teachers play an important role in the Medic Mentor Family. Teachers are often the best Medic Mentors because you provide invaluable support to our students and help them to reach their goals and fulfil their educational dreams and potential. We all know that the success of the student is a coordinated team effort.

This is why we are committed to supporting you with a wealth of career resources and access to our nationwide network of doctors and medical students. We are always here for you, on the phone, via email, through the dedicated Teachers’ Facebook Group, and even face-to-face at our free Teachers’ Workshop.

Medic Mentor acts as a bridge, connecting  Doctors and Teachers. We are all in this together


Volunteering and work experience


Alternative routes into medicine


Volunteering and work experience


How to help students pad out their CV

5TH MARCH 2021

Medical wider-reading and current affairs for students

2ND APRIL 2021

To help students make an informed career decision

14TH MAY 2021

Entry requirements for medical schools
MedicMentor MiniMentor

19th June 2020

Personal Statements

3rd July 2020


7th August 2020

Medical References

4th September 2020


2nd October 2020

Medical School Interviews

Teachers are vital to medic Mentor

Medic Mentor is a non-profit national medical organisation for applying students, medical students and doctors. We specialise in helping applying students get into medicine, and award students with merit-based scholarships to study medicine at university. Medic Mentor is run by a UK-wide network of volunteer doctors, dentists and vets who provide UCAS support and teach students how to become successful future doctors, NHS leaders, dentists and vets. As a social enterprise, the money that we raise goes back into running the largest medical widening access programme in the UK, and a scholarship fund that awards students up to £12,000 to study at medical, dental or vet school.

Our mentoring approach not only provides application support but there is also a huge pastoral component too. This is a stressful time for our young people, and having practising clinicians (in fact a whole group of doctors, dentists and vets) believe in them has a big impact on their self-confidence. So by getting involved in Medic Mentor, not only can you support your students with their competitive university applications, but they will continue to receive that support during university too.

  In addition, the vast array of educational programmes that are available, ensures that students (and parents) can select the level of mentoring that they need and tailor the support to them. Students are not expected to participate in everything – just the opportunities that they find interesting and that they can balance alongside their academic commitments.

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting students and teachers …… We are proud to announce we are launching our annual “School of the Year” competition! Our community of schools is rapidly reaching the 2000 mark and we want to celebrate the successes of our schools and students that are engaged in the Medic Mentor Family. From each September, the Careers Team will be recording data relating to the engagement of students with Medic Mentor. At the end of each academic year, the three top engaged schools will win our coveted positions MEDIC MENTOR SCHOOL OF THE YEAR. Similar to the Awards programme, a Gold, Silver and Bronze award will be allocated. To be part of this competition, schools must submit an application via www.medicmentor.co.uk and the application process opens on 1st September each academic year.

Why Medic Mentor scores 8 on the Gatsby Benchmark

Accurate and specific career guidance is imperative for students to be able to make informed decisions about thier future. The 8 requirements of the GATSBY Benchmark form the foundations of each of our programmes with one crucial addition: our programmes are tailored to the students needs.

Our careers leaders are all Doctors, Vets and Dentists with decades of admissions experience between them, and they work alongside a national network of healthcare professionals to ensure that students are adequately prepared, informed and ultimately, successful.


Medic Mentor have dedicated workshops, specific to teachers, careers advisers and education staf supporting UCAS applications. These free workshops will cover:

every element of the student’s application process
UCAS references for teachers
where to look for vital sources of information
how to respond to common questions that students and parents ask
how to help students make an informed career decision
how to ensure that students don’t burn out
how to support students to become amazing future doctors, dentists and vets!
In reality, it is more than just a workshop. It is an opportunity to network with like-minded teachers from across the UK, share resources and expertise, so that you feel confident and up-to-date with all of the new changes in the medical world! We are sure that you will make invaluable contacts and friends along the way.

Click here to register for a Teachers’ Workshop.

When you have signed up you will be able to re-watch previous workshops:

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1. Where does the funding come from? Medic Mentor is a social enterprise that reinvests money to fund students through a variety of educational activities and opportunities, designed for different students at different stages. We only charge for things that require a considerable amount of money to put on, such as in-person events or books. We work on a system where students who can afford to pay for events then help to fund students from low-income backgrounds, who cannot afford to pay for things. However, most of our opportunities are completely free to all.

2. What can I use the funding for?
You can get funded places for your students to attend a Get into Medicine Conference. We also fund 6 places per school for the Medical Leadership Programme. We also fund free places on our summer schools and support students during their medical degrees with a Medic Mentor scholarship worth up to £12,000.
3. What schools are eligible?
All schools in the UK are eligible for funding, regardless of financial status, this includes state funded schools, academy trusts and independent schools. We believe in equal opportunities for all.
4. I have no pupil premium students, does this mean we can’t apply for funding?
No, the School Fund is available for any aspiring medical, dental or veterinary student, regardless of family background. Students that qualify for Pupil Premium or the Pupil Equity fund can apply for our Student Diversity Fund, which is a fund specifically set up to support our widening access students.
5. Can teachers and careers leaders attend the conferences?
The Get into Medicine Conferences are largely aimed at students and parents and taught from their perspective. We have also found that teachers find it very difficult to commit to an entire day of lectures on a weekend. This is why the Teacher’s Workshops have been established to better suit your needs and your schedules. We would love to see you there!
6. Can I book a doctor, dentist or vet to visit the schools medical society?
Our clinicians enjoy supporting students wherever they can, however, while working in full time positions in the NHS, dental and vet practices, we cannot guarantee their availability to personally visit schools. In acknoweldgement of this, we have an entirely student-led Virtual Medical Society that we encourage students to join (for free) taking place weekly. During these meetings a variety of special guests including current healthcare professionals are interviewed to shed light on an aspect of the application process or life in thier chosen career.
If you feel a “one-to-one” mentoring approach would better suit your student, we would suggest our Awards programme. This way the student has direct access to their own mentor (doctor/dentist/vet) who they can communicate with by telephone or skype to help them complete all of the essential non-academic criteria (such as volunteering etc) for their medical school applications. Many teachers have fed back to us that this takes a huge amount of pressure off of them too.

Finance should not be a barrier standing between students and their career goals. That is why Medic Mentor offers a series of funding opportunities to support aspiring students in thier applications to study medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine.

A lot of organisations either completely focus on supporting widening access students, or are private companies offering paid-for services. This is one feature that sets Medic Mentor apart. We believe that ALL students should have access to the same high quality information, no matter what their background. For this reason, all of our programmes are either free for everyone, or if there is a cost associated with it, there are also free places available for widening access students. This approach has allowed Medic Mentor to be able to fund the largest medical widening access programmes in the country.

Schools with at least 10 applicants per academic year have access to funding, to enable students to gain fully funded places to one of our “Get into Medicine” conferences. These usually take place 42 times a year across the country.

In light of CoVID-19, our “Get into Medicine” conferences are now online, making them super accessible! We have had fantastic feedback from students and parents and it is a great way for us to meet students from all over the UK!

If you would like to check your schools eligibility for funding with our Widening Access Officers please click here.

With your help we have brought together hundreds of teachers to a common careers-focussed hub. This a place where teachers with aspiring students who want to study medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine specifically, can come together to share useful application resources, network and ask questions. Our our chief mentors of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine are on hand to answer your queries too. You can access this hub on Facebook.

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Comprehensive UCAS medical support for  teachers.