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Volunteering Opportunity!

Volunteering allows students to gain valuable insights into the healthcare system, develop essential interpersonal skills, and demonstrate their dedication to serving others. By engaging in volunteer work, aspiring doctors can witness firsthand the challenges and rewards of patient care, fostering empathy and compassion. Moreover, volunteering offers opportunities to collaborate with healthcare professionals, expanding networks and forging meaningful connections. Admissions committees seek candidates who possess a genuine commitment to making a difference, and volunteering provides a tangible demonstration of this commitment. Volunteering not only enriches personal growth but also enhances the competitiveness of aspiring doctors, enabling them to stand out in a pool of highly qualified applicants.

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A Volunteering Opportunity With Two Amazing Organisations!

Medic Mentor, in official partnership with the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF), offers an incredible opportunity for students to engage in fundraising efforts aimed at supporting doctors and medical students facing challenging circumstances. As the leading UK charity for doctors, medical students, and their families, the RMBF plays a vital role in providing crucial support and guidance during times of crisis and serious need. By donating to this cause, students can contribute to preventing talented doctors under immense pressure from leaving the medical profession permanently. 

The funds raised help these doctors return to their essential work, free from additional burdens. Moreover, donations assist in ensuring that doctors struggling with their mental health receive the necessary support to regain stability. By participating in fundraising initiatives with Medic Mentor and the RMBF, students have the power to make a significant difference in the lives of doctors and medical students, promoting a healthier and more resilient medical community.

Volunteering holds significant importance for students when applying to medical school. It offers a variety of opportunities that provide valuable work experience, as highlighted by the Medical Schools Council. Engaging in voluntary work allows students to work with others in a caring or service capacity, particularly with individuals who are ill, disabled, or disadvantaged. Additionally, volunteering with community groups associated with religious institutions, or participating in online community support groups, can provide valuable experiences in assuming responsibilities, effective communication, and interpersonal skills. It is worth noting that these types of volunteering opportunities may be more readily available before healthcare-related opportunities. Ultimately, what matters most is not just the tasks you undertake, but what you learn about yourself, others, and the delivery and reception of effective care. Effectively communicating these learnings is essential in showcasing personal growth and demonstrating suitability for a medical career.

Students can actively volunteer by becoming members of Medic Mentor’s virtual medical society, which presents a unique opportunity to make a difference. By joining the society, students gain access to various resources and support to engage in impactful fundraising activities for the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF). Through the society, students can select a wide range of fundraising activities according to their preferences and interests. Whether it’s organising virtual events, hosting online charity campaigns, or participating in sponsored challenges, the options are plentiful. By choosing their preferred activities, students can contribute to raising funds for the RMBF and supporting struggling doctors and medical students. Medic Mentor provides valuable guidance and assistance throughout the fundraising process. Students will receive support, advice, and a free fundraising pack to help them organise and maximise the impact of their efforts. By volunteering as members of Medic Mentor’s virtual medical society, students have the opportunity to actively engage in meaningful fundraising, making a positive difference in the lives of healthcare professionals and their families.

Engaging in volunteering activities as members of Medic Mentor’s virtual medical society offers numerous benefits for students. Firstly, students who actively participate in fundraising for the RMBF through this opportunity are eligible to receive certificates and a reference from Medic Mentor. These documents serve as tangible evidence of their involvement and can be included in their UCAS applications, highlighting their commitment to making a difference.

Moreover, this volunteering opportunity is free of charge, making it accessible to all students. They have the freedom to organize and engage in fundraising activities that align with their interests and passions. Whether it’s organizing virtual events, creating online campaigns, or participating in sponsored challenges, students have more control over their volunteering experience, allowing them to choose activities they enjoy.

By joining the virtual medical society, students also tap into a large network of like-minded peers. They have the chance to connect and collaborate with other passionate students who share similar goals and aspirations in the field of medicine. This network provides a supportive community where students can share ideas, collaborate on fundraising initiatives, and foster lasting connections.

Additionally, this volunteering opportunity offers flexibility in terms of time commitment. Students can choose to dedicate as much or as little time as they desire, allowing them to balance their volunteering efforts with their academic and work commitments effectively.

Lastly, engaging in this volunteering activity demonstrates a caring and compassionate attitude. By fundraising for the RMBF and supporting struggling doctors and medical students, students showcase their dedication to the well-being of healthcare professionals and their families. This commitment to caring and making a positive impact in the medical community can greatly enhance their personal and professional profiles when applying to medical school.

You can start volunteering straight away! The first step is to create a free Medic Mentor student portal, which provides access to a wealth of resources and information. Within the portal, students can download the free fundraising pack, an essential guide that offers advice and guidance on organising successful fundraising activities.

Once students have familiarised themselves with the fundraising pack, they can begin planning and selecting the type of fundraising activity they would like to engage in. Whether it’s a virtual event, online campaign, or sponsored challenge, students have the freedom to choose an activity that resonates with their interests and skills.

If students require further advice or support during their volunteering journey, Medic Mentor offers various avenues for assistance. They can attend a virtual meeting of the Virtual Medical Society (VMS) on Tuesday evenings, where they can interact with other members and mentors, gaining valuable insights and guidance. Additionally, students can reach out to a Chief Mentor through phone or email to receive personalised advice and assistance tailored to their specific needs.

Need some Inspiration? Read About the Fun Run At Mearns Castle High School!

We are thrilled to share the incredible achievements of our Medic Mentor aspiring medical students in their volunteering activities. Together, they have raised an impressive £13,000, showcasing their dedication and passion for making a difference. What’s even more inspiring is the fact that we have 272 students who have wholeheartedly signed up to fundraise for us. This means that 272 students are not only aware of the invaluable support provided by the RMBF but also recognise that they can reach out to us if they need assistance during their studies or beyond.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the outstanding efforts of one of our Medic Mentor students, Hasini Konduru, and their classmates. They organised a highly successful fun run at their school, raising an impressive £796.55. The event was even graced by their local MP, who brought a generous gift to show their support. The impact of this event was so remarkable that it now holds a place in the Parliament records, a testament to the dedication and achievements of our students.

The impact of your support and the fundraising endeavors of our Medic Mentor students cannot be understated. A medical student who has directly benefited from the support of the RMBF expressed their heartfelt gratitude, sharing that without this assistance, they would have been forced to suspend their studies. Your contributions are truly making a tangible and positive impact on the lives of doctors and their families.

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We know what you are going through, as doctors and medical students who were in your position!  By combining application knowledge, extracurricular opportunities, platforms to up-skill and boost confidence, it is not a surprise that Medic Mentor students are successful.  Will it be difficult? Yes, applying to medical school is not easy.  But through Medic Mentor it will be less stressful, and even fun.  Let’s get started!

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