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Virtual Medical Society Oxbridge Officer Lorraine Jarvis

Virtual Medical Society Oxbridge Officer Lorraine Jarvis

Hi guys! My names Lorraine, one of the Oxbridge officers in the medic mentor virtual medical society committee. I’m so excited to be able to share resources and do what I can, In collaboration with all the other amazing people in the committee, to make this society be the best it can be for everyone. I’m a year 12 student attending Lady Margaret School in west London. In terms of career aspirations, I am an aspiring medic hoping to apply to medical school this October. As Oxbridge officer, my role consists of making sure that any Oxbridge updates are communicated to students in our weekly Tuesday meetings- so keeping up to date with Cambridge and oxford’s websites, as well as coming up with new ideas and resources that will be of benefit to the everyone and of course collecting opinions from members about the topics they would like more information on and communicating with the president and vice presidents to ensure these are covered in the meetings.

 I joined medic mentor at the beginning of year 12, when I came across the Medical leadership programme and became a student ambassador. It is honestly a phenomenal programme- the only medical leadership programme in the country for secondary school students; it led me to sign up to the awards programme that medic mentor offer, another amazing scheme which, in short, guides you through the criteria for a successful medical school application. After attending Medic Mentors national healthcare weekend, I knew medicine was the right thing for me and just really got involved with everything medic mentor- including booking my place on the summer school.

Outside of medicine, drama has been my passion for a long time. I’ve successfully achieved my grade 6 qualification in lambda drama and plan to continue drama throughout the application period because it really is an escape for me – it allows me to literally be someone else; leave all my present worries at the door for an hour and just step into another world. I also love to read, when I have the time, again, as an escape because I love to get lost in a good book.

 At the moment, I am currently doing a levels- taking maths, chemistry and biology, and at school I was appointed Head of Sixth form, which basically means I have the responsibility of trying to co-ordinate a bunch of year 12’s and keep our common room clean. Prior to lockdown, I was volunteering at my local hospital every week on one of the wards, which was a lovely experience, as well as volunteering at my local care home every Saturday. Both were the highlight of my week and I cannot wait to get back to it when the lockdown lifts.

Of course, one of my aspirations for the future is to become a doctor- and be a good one at that. However, another aspiration of mine is to one day become a mentor at medic mentor myself, educating prospective medical applicants that will be going through the same thing I am going through now- minus covid-19 of course. Medic mentor is a family and I know the mentors find it so rewarding to be able to aid us through difficulties in the process of our application; I don’t think the students can express their appreciation enough. Therefore, I would love to still be a part of medic mentor in the future, but rather on the other side of it. Another aspiration of mine is to be able to travel the world and see things I otherwise may have never got to see. The world is so full of beauty and my goal is to see as much of it as possible.

If you would like to post Lorraine a question, please comment below and she will get back to you!

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