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The COVID-19 Volunteering Campaign Has Raised £10,000

May 21, 2020

A massive thank you to all of our enthusiastic campaign volunteers who have taken part in our COVID-19 Mission, from those who volunteered their time to run creative fundraisers, to those who shared the campaign with their friends and family.

We could not have surpassed our £10,000 target without you and we hope you are all proud of your amazing efforts.

We are certain that our hard-working doctors will appreciate all the support we have given them during lockdown and we hope this could serve as a small thank you to those who risk their lives every day for our well-being.

Since we know how well received the Doctor’s in Difficulty fundraiser has been, we as fundraising officers (Yosha and Lynette) are already planning another fundraising initiative where everyone will be able to take part to decide the charity we will be raising money for.

For now, take a moment to celebrate your achievements and we will update this fundraising blog with news of the upcoming competition for our next charity.

We will also be discussing fundraising updates every Tuesday at our VMS meetings, so make sure you sign up to the VMS if you haven’t already.

Also make sure to check out the Medic Mentor instagram page @medicmentor. Stay safe and thank you all once again.



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