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Summer School Scholars. Sylvia Manimaran

Summer School Scholars. Sylvia Manimaran

My name is Sylvia Manimaran and I am very excited to be one of the Summer School Co-ordinators this year!

I have been with Medic Mentor as an applying student myself and am now honoured to be a Scholar currently completing my 3rd year intercalated BSc in Clinical Sciences at UCL medical school.

I am incredibly thrilled to be organising the Summer School following my experience as a mentor over two weeks last year. Meeting all of the students and seeing you all progress throughout the week is a real joy to watch.

Everyone works extremely hard but we balance this with a lot of fun too, meaning you come away with not only the confidence and tools needed to get into
medical school, but also a bunch of new friends from all over the

The Summer School is a unique opportunity where you have colleagues in the same boat as you, medical students from a varied array of medical schools and doctors with a whole range of experiences all in one place!

It really is a privilege to be a part of the Summer School, not only as a student but also as a Mentor.
I am really looking forward to meeting many of you coming to the Summer School this year, be prepared for an action-packed week that will honestly be the highlight of your summer!

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