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Medic Mentor scholarships

Medic Mentor Scholarships are worth up to £12,000 across a 6-year medical, dental of veterinary degree.  Our Scholarships are awarded to secondary school students who complete their Gold Award and are selected following interview.  The scholarships provide continuing support throughout your degree and put you on a fast-track for success!

all types of schools are eligible to apply

Medic Mentor have established a fund to reward schools that are encouraging aspiring doctors, dentists and vets!

We want to make sure that our funding is given to schools that are going to use it the most! For this reason, Medic Mentor has created the School Fund, which rewards schools who have at least 10 applicants per year with funding.

If you have successfully used more than 75% of your funding by the end of the academic year, you will automatically have this funding renewed the following year. This ensures that committed schools continue to perform well in the future, and that their students have the chance to be awarded university scholarships.

The funding provides students and parents with the opportunity to attend national healthcare weekend conferences, become Medic Mentor students, and continue to receive ongoing mentoring from doctors, vets, and dentists.

These conferences take place 42 times a year across the UK.

Your Scholarships will be Co-ordinated by Vice Presidents Dr Oyin Alabi and Dr Raymond Diallo. They will oversee your mentoring, for example, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas of how we can better support you, please email them directly at VPScholarships@medicmentor.org

We have opportunities in education, presenting, mentoring, publication etc. You can be awarded a maximum bursary of up to £2000 per year, which is dependent on how much you participate.

Once you have been offered a scholarship from Medic Mentor, you are an MM Scholar for the duration of your degree. We are proud of you all and are happy for you to use the title ‘Medic Mentor Scholar’ in your professional careers, CVs, etc.

We run a Scholars’ Summer School in August. This is a fully funded programme and is part of your scholarship. You only need to attend this once throughout your entire degree.

NHW and School Council Meetings happen in several locations throughout the year. These provide teaching and presenting opportunities. 

We will send out a list of locations and dates periodically and ask that you inform us of your availability. We will then get in touch to let you know if you have secured a place.  

If you would like to be considered for a mentoring role at the Applying Student Summer School this year, please email

Dr Kumar on vpsummerschools@medicmentor.org at your earliest opportunity expressing your interest.  She will provide you with more information. 

We have an extensive range of educational projects for you to get involved in, for example, updating one of our existing books or helping us write new ones.  

You could also assist the VP’s with their projects such as the School Ambassador Programme, study guides, research projects, etc.

Alternatively, you could work on a completely new idea that you may have.  We welcome these if they contribute to the ethos of mentoring and benefits the wider Medic Mentor community.

We do not advertise these opportunities, instead, if you wish to undertake an educational project, you must reach out to Dr Alabi by emailing vpscholarships@medicmentor.org. 

These will be discussed by the Education Directorate (click here to learn more about who they are) and you may be invited to the next ED meeting to present your proposal. 

I would strongly recommend that you consider undertaking a project of this description, as it will give you chance to learn from a VP, develop invaluable skills and boost your CV.

This is a residential 6-day teaching programme that takes place in Leicestershire. It will include training the following skills: presentation; leadership; study; time management; effective written communication; critical analysis; research; interviews. We will also teach you how to successfully apply for scholarships and prizes and jobs. It will provide you with valuable networking opportunities to meet of mentors from across the UK, at various stages of training and careers. Career development is an important element of the programme, so we will be including careers talks for all 3 specialities featuring keynote speakers. All food and accommodation will be paid for by the scholarship fund.

The date of the Summer Schools for 2019 is the 18th-24th of August. Attendance is optional and you only need to attend once throughout your degree. I recommend that you attend early in your degree, to get the most benefit. We can only accommodate up to 15 students maximum each year, so we may need to be selective dependent on how proactive you have been as a scholar. If you would like to attend the Scholar’s Summer School please inform Dr Alabi by email. 

We will inform you whether you have been successfully awarded a place on the programme for 2019. If you have been successful we will provide you further detail. Applications are only open for 2019 – you cannot apply for future summer schools ahead of time.

Hazel Dawson, Head of the Scholarship Fund will process your bursaries within 4 weeks of receiving a completed Bursary Form.  This will be provided to you upon award of your Scholarship.  Please send this to accounts@medicmentor.org

We will send you regular scholarship updates and contact you to see how you are getting on. 

MM does reserve the right to remove or terminate your scholarship at any time if we feel that the terms of being a Scholar have been breached.

If you have any questions, please email or call 01524 389772 and speak to Alex if it is urgent.

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