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President of the Virtual Medical Society – Sana

July 14, 2020

Hi my name is Sana and I am currently President of the Virtual Medical Society.

I am currently in year 12 and hoping to study Dentistry. The Virtual Medical Society was created as part of the lockdown campaign and is here to help any aspiring Medics, Dentists or Vets. As President of the Society, I am responsible for ensuring the society runs smoothly and allowing every member of the society to have their view heard. Although the society is called the Medical Society, we cater for Dentists and Vets because all of these professions make up ‘One Health’.

Along with the rest of the committee, I will make sure each meeting is run effectively with clear agendas for each meeting. As president I am here to support everyone and overlook the committee to maximise the productivity of this whole society. Within our meetings, I will aim to make sure the following, which many have requested, is covered: information on application to the required profession such as personal statement help, interview help, ethical debates and any other activities wanted by the rest of the society. In order to help achieve this, the whole committee is working alongside Doctors, scholars and the rest of the Medic Mentor team.

Since last year, I have been a part of Medic Mentor and from then on, I have discovered the many opportunities on offer, not just for Medics, but also for Dentists. There are numerous ways to get involved such as the Medic Mentor Summer School for dentistry, medicine and veterinary medicine. Another extremely useful opportunity is the School Ambassador Leadership Programme; applying for this is extremely beneficial as it allows you to work and develop your leadership skills and additionally, helps you to strengthen your teamwork skills. Nation Healthcare Weekend is perhaps what medic Mentor is most well known for. The two day event gives an insight into what the application for one of the three professions is like and is found to be extremely helpful by many Medic Mentor students. A large amount of the opportunities available are cost free and so anyone can be involved and become a part of the rapidly growing Medic Mentor family.

The Virtual Medical Society is catered to your needs, so please remember that you can contact any of the committee if you have any concerns. You can join the Virtual MedSoc Whatsapp Group or you can get in touch with us on the website!

If you would like to post Sana a question, please comment below and she will get back to you!



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