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New UCAT Blog

New UCAT Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to the first UCAT blog post! My name is Rebecca and I’m a first-year medical student at the University of Glasgow.  I am your new virtual UCAT instructor guiding you through the minefield that is UCAT!  But for those of you enrolled onto summer school this year, I am also a UCAT Tutor, making sure that you get access to absolutely the best UCAT resources for your summer school (as I did when I was an applying student)! 

Some of you may know me from when I was an applying student. I was a school ambassador with Medic Mentor and I attended the Medic Mentor Summer School, going on to receive 4 medical school offers last year. I am now a scholar based in Scotland and have been helping to organise the medical leadership programme meetings. I took my UCAT in September 2018 and achieved a score of 3230 which put me in the highest scoring 1% for that year.

I’m going to be writing posts about all things UCAT. The plan is to post updates on what is going on regarding the UCAT and COVID-19 as well as suggest some ideas of things you can be doing during lockdown to help you with your UCAT. I will also be breaking down the different sections of the test and giving you my own tips and advice which hopefully you can all add to as it gets nearer to the testing season. As and when testing season gets underway, the idea is to introduce some more interactive ways of preparing for the UCAT so we can all work together. My hope is to de-mystify the UCAT and hopefully reduce some of the dread you may feel surrounding it!  I will also be signposting you to some useful resources to help you prepare for your UCAT exam this summer.   

Those of you attending the Summer School, have a little less to worry about because you will also get invaluable comprehensive teaching on UCAT as well as access to the best UCAT question banks to revise from.  You will also get ongoing mentoring support from your summer school mentors like myself to master your UCAT and achieve an amazing score.  That’s me in the Summer School video below when I was an applying student!

But whether you are coming to the Summer School or not, I will be working really hard this summer to create some online blogs, a couple of sample questions that we can work through and keep you updated on the UCAT situation with COVID-19.   

If at any point you have any suggestions or questions about things that you don’t fully understand, please post them in the comments section below.  I will be keeping an eye on these and replying to them.  Let’s all succeed together!

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