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what is the magazine?

Our aim is to inspire and inform applying healthcare students on the latest topical issues in the medical, veterinary and dentistry professions.

This will prepare students for their university application and contribute to their ongoing studies. We aim to challenge readers’ opinions and enable them to question the information pertaining to healthcare that they may face in the wider media. Using reflections and insights from successful applicants and current university students, we aim to share inspiration on healthcare and university applications.

We also provide opportunities for applying students to contribute to miniMentor to encourage medical research, writing and publishing skills early on in our contributors’ university journey. Most of all, the magazine is designed to inspire the medical minds of our readership – our aspiring healthcare students.

what do you get with your Subscription?

Read more about Mentor and MiniMentor in the text to the right. There is also more information on our national essay and artwork competition with instructions on how to enter!

Mentor is a quarterly print anthology that is written by Medic Mentor University Scholars, Vice Presidents, Chief Mentors and outstanding qualified doctors, veterinarians and dentists. It will cover the latest wider reading in the medical, veterinary and dentistry professions and the ‘One Health’ approach that unites these healthcare disciplines. We will also publish the winner of the national essay competition for applying students in Mentor and will publish the winning artwork entry on the front cover.

In between each of the quarterly publications, we will release our miniMentor supplement magazine. This is a smaller publication written by applying students. It is an opportunity for students to publish their original work and to share reflections, experiences and feelings to inspire wider reading and insights during the application process. Contributors of miniMentor will receive mentoring and support from our editorial team to prepare articles for publication.

meet the editorial team

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Editor-In-Chief of the Magazine Pavandeep Uppal

Head of Administration
How To Write An Application Form And Get Noticed

Editor of Mentor Sophia Antoniou

Head of School Funding
Fathimah Saqib

Editor of miniMentor Tia Bell

Head of Scholarships

Editor of miniMentor Chris Geddie

Head of Publishing