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what is the magazine?

Mentor magazine is a national print publication dedicated to applying healthcare students. The magazine contains wider reading to inform and inspire aspiring medical, veterinary and dental students and their university counterparts. Wider reading is an essential component in your preparation for a university application.

It will provide you with the latest insights and topical issues in the profession. It will help you affirm your career choice. And most of all, it will inspire and fuel your interest and passion for healthcare. Mentor is a multi-disciplinary publication with medical, veterinary and dental articles and proudly highlights the transferable and universal themes and skills that unite these healthcare professions. Our editorial team has worked hard to develop and enhance the content and educational value of the monthly publications you receive.

what do you get with your Subscription?

Mentor is a quarterly print anthology that is written by Medic Mentor University Scholars, Vice Presidents, Chief Mentors and outstanding qualified doctors, veterinarians and dentists. It will cover the latest wider reading in the medical, veterinary and dentistry professions and the ‘One Health’ approach that unites these healthcare disciplines. We will also publish the winner of the national essay competition for applying students in Mentor and will publish the winning artwork entry on the front cover.

In between each of the quarterly publications, we will release our miniMentor supplement magazine. This is a smaller publication written by applying students. It is an opportunity for students to publish their original work and to share reflections, experiences and feelings to inspire wider reading and insights during the application process. Contributors of miniMentor will receive mentoring and support from our editorial team to prepare articles for publication.

Once you have signed up for £15 you will receive the first issue in the post. Following this, your subscription is just £4.99/month and you will be sent a magazine every 3 months.

the only national printed magazine dedicated to applying healthcare students

Our aim is to inspire and inform applying healthcare students on the latest topical issues in the medical, veterinary and dentistry professions. This will prepare students for their university application and contribute to their ongoing studies.

We aim to challenge readers’ opinions and enable them to question the information pertaining to healthcare that they may face in the wider media.

Using reflections and insights from successful applicants and current university students, we aim to share inspiration on healthcare and university applications. We also provide opportunities for applying students to contribute to miniMentor to encourage medical research, writing and publishing skills early on in our contributors’ university journey.

Most of all, the magazine is designed to inspire the medical minds of our readership – our aspiring healthcare students.

meet the editorial team

From the increased size of the magazine team, you can see how much brain power is behind the wider reading resources being created to benefit our readers.

Editor-In-Chief  of the Magazine

Welcome to Medic Mentor’s magazines! I’ve had a wonderful year working with Alex and Stephanie to build our publications, and am excited to work with the new team on the next phase of publishing. I’m in my final year of medical school at King’s College London and have a BSc in Medical Humanities, Philosophy & Law. Both writing and communication are invaluable skills for all healthcare disciplines, and Medic Mentor offers a lovely opportunity for students and professionals to learn from and with each other. We hope you enjoy the high quality and variety of writing within the pages of our publications!

Editor of Mentor

Hello and welcome to MENTOR! I’m currently in my third year of dental school and missing clinics in the face of the coronavirus. I cannot wait to get back into the routine of being on campus and seeing my patients. The process of applying to university can be a daunting and confusing terrain to navigate, but reading contemporary medical pieces of work will hugely aid your understanding of some of the topics discussed within the healthcare field. I am delighted to be working with such a great multidisciplinary team and very much look forward to reading all of the submissions. On behalf of the magazine, we hope you find it enthralling and informative.

Tia Bell

Hello. I am a second year Veterinary Student at the University of Surrey, who is intercalating in Zoology at the University of Leeds. I am originally from South London, have a very naughty chocolate labrador and I love working with sheep. I am super excited to be part of the editorial team for miniMENTOR. I am already amazed by your writing enthusiasm, as well as your hunger to learn. I would love for this supplementary magazine to help and encourage students to achieve their goals. I found my journey to university very challenging, which is why I am so passionate about creating resources and a community for students. I aspire that miniMentor will support you in your journey into higher education and your futures too.

Editor of miniMentor

Hello! I’m a third-year medical student studying at Bristol and I’m about to start my clinical placements. I’m so excited to be co-editing miniMentor this year; it’s a chance to collaborate with all the applying students in the Medic Mentor family and it’s a wonderful platform for the more creative side of medicine. My hope is that you will enjoy reading the magazine as much as we do putting it together.

Medic Mentor Vice President

I am a veterinary surgeon working in South Wales, after graduating from the Royal Veterinary College in 2020. Throughout vet school I was able to develop my editing and publishing skills through the scholarship programme at Medic Mentor, including editing Mentor. The quality of the contributor’s healthcare articles was outstanding and highlighted how lifelong learning can make us all better professionals. The magazine is also a platform for ‘One Health’ where our multidisciplinary team work together to reflect upon the challenges, themes and skills that unite our passion for health and patient wellbeing. It is exciting to move into a Vice President role for the magazine and work with a new extended team of editors to enhance the publications that our subscribers receive. Wider reading is an essential activity for all applying healthcare students but crucially, Mentor is an incredible resource to inspire and fuel the medical minds that read the magazine.

Medic Mentor Vice President

I graduated from Barts and The London in 2020 and am currently working as a dentist in Surrey. Alongside clinical work, I am passionate about creating opportunities for students to learn about and engage with healthcare professions. I was involved in student media during my undergraduate years and was so thankful for the opportunity to bring my design and editing skills to Mentor magazine. It is exciting to continue being a part of Medic Mentor as I enter a new season of my professional career. Communication is a cornerstone of healthcare. Both Mentor and miniMentor demonstrate the power of the written word, and I am constantly impressed by our student contributors. These publications are so unique in championing a truly multidisciplinary approach throughout the entire process. I look forward to working with our fantastic editorial team in bringing Mentor to even more readers and the health community.

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