medical leadership programme


Did you know that the School Ambassador Programme can be used for your Silver and Gold Award?

what is the medical leadership programme?

The Medical Leadership Programme is open to secondary school students in all years. It is the only national medical leadership programme for aspiring doctors, dentists and vets. The programme provides students with 3 additional teaching days (1 Sunday per term) to help students develop confidence, important transferable skills and knowledge that will best prepare them for their future careers.

It also gives students extra opportunities to work with a variety of doctors, vets and dentists throughout the year. This ensures that we can provide you with ongoing mentoring to help you start thinking and acting like medical, dental and vet students in time for your interviews in Year 13 and S6. The earlier that students participate, the more time that they have to develop their skills and confidence.

For this reason we welcome students in younger years (year 10-11 or S3-S4) to apply. All successful students will receive certificates and references from the Vice Presidents at Medic Mentor

There are 2 ways to enrol onto the Medical Leadership programme. You can competitively apply for a funded place as a School Ambassador or you can enrol onto the Medic Mentor Residential Summer School for maximum application support throughout your journey to medical school.

Medic Mentor provide 6 funded positions per school: 3 places for year 10-12 and 3 places for year 13s. You must submit an online application. There is no deadline for the application, but as soon as we have received a sufficient number of applications to fulfil the number of spaces at your school, applications for this academic year will close. You can apply using the online application form below.

Apply Here.

Students who are committed to pursuing a medical, dental or veterinary career have the option to become Summer School students and gain the most comprehensive support available with their applications to university. Once students enrol onto the Residential Summer School, they are also automatically enrolled onto the Medical Leadership Programme. This provides them with mentoring in the run up to the Summer School and for a year after the summer school too. The benefit of becoming a Summer School student is that you will spend an entire week with doctors and medical students completing your personal statements, getting intensive UCAT, BMAT and interview preparation, in addition to the Medical Leadership Programme. Over 80% of students who attend the Summer School receive at least 1 medical, dental or vet school offer.

Summer School Info

School Ambassadors must attend a minimum of 2 out of 3 teaching days a year. For Summer School students, attendance is optional. Please note that Day 1 teaching took place in November, so there are 2 teaching days remaining for this academic year. There are 3 locations to choose from for Day 2 and Day 3 below.

Day 2 Leadership Dates:

Scotland 26th January 2020

London 2nd February 2020

Birmingham 16th February 2020

Day 3 Leadership Dates:

Scotland 21st June 2020

London 12th July 2020

Birmingham 19th July 2020
Students in year 10-12 and S3-S5 are enrolled onto the Junior Medical Leadership Teaching Programme. Day 1 is focussed on confidence building and presentation skills. Students prepare a 5 minute oral presentation that they deliver to a small group. They are given verbal and written feedback on their presentations and then work as a group to create and deliver a group presentation. Students are taught the theory of presentation skills and communication, as well as critiquing good examples. Communication and presentation skills are essential for doctors, vets and dentists.

Day 2 consists of teaching on medical leadership using the example of establishing a school medical society. Students will also undertake interactive small group sessions on current affairs, medical ethics, mock interview scenarios, problem-based learning sessions and critical analysis of a scientific article. Students will learn how to use the monthly study guides to facilitate society meetings at school as well as keep their own medical wider-reading up-to-date.

Day 3 will focus on personal statement preparation and will help students plan an outline of their personal statements. They will be given personal statement examples to critique and explore various reflective models that can be used to construct their personal statements over the Summer. The Summer School Residential Programme takes this to the next level by supporting students to write personal statements from start to finish.
Year 13 and S6 students are enrolled onto the Senior Medical Leadership Teaching Programme.

Day 1 is a full day of interview theory and both mock MMI and panel interviews. Students will be interviewed by doctors, vets and dentists and provided with verbal and written feedback with mark schemes that they can take home.

Day 2 is another day of mock interviews for students who still have interviews ahead. Alongside the interview teaching runs a parallel workshop looking at back-up plans and alternative routes into medicine if things do not go according to plan. This ensures that our students are well prepared for all eventualities.

Day 3 teaching is a full day of interview preparation for the Medic Mentor scholarship interviews. The Medic Mentor Scholarships are worth up to £12,000 across your medical degree and awarded based on your performance at the Scholarship interviews. Therefore, students enrolled onto the Medical Leadership Programme receive additional preparation and have an advantage.