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Meet Medic Mentor's

Volunteer Doctors

Over the past decade, the Medic Mentor organisation has been a source of inspiration and guidance for tens of thousands of aspiring students who dream of becoming doctors. Through our mentorship programmes, we have successfully mentored students who have gone on to achieve their dreams and become doctors themselves.

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Why Are Our Mentors So Exceptional?

What is remarkable is that many of of our successful Medic Mentor students (mentees) have returned as volunteer doctors, known as Medic Mentors, to give back to the organisation that supported them on their journey. These Medic Mentors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the mentorship programme and are a testament to the power of giving back.  Our organisation is named after these inspirational students who have gone on to become doctors – proving that our programmes actually work!

Medic Mentors understand the challenges and struggles that aspiring students face when applying to medical school. They provide invaluable support to students by sharing their own experiences, offering guidance, and providing mentorship to help them navigate the journey to becoming a doctor.

The success of the Medic Mentor programme is due in no small part to the dedication and commitment of these volunteer doctors. Doctors can join us at any point in their careers. They give up their time to inspire and guide the next generation of doctors, and their contribution is immeasurable. These volunteer doctors give back because of the support they received when they applied to medical school through the Medic Mentor organisation, and they are an inspiration to all who dream of becoming a doctor.

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Our Work At Medic Mentor is Important for the NHS

The NHS is facing a shortage of doctors, particularly in certain specialties and regions. By supporting and mentoring aspiring medical students, Medic Mentor is helping to increase the number of students who are well informed about the career and successfully admitted to medical school.

The NHS recognises the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the medical workforce in order to provide effective and equitable care for all patients. Medic Mentor is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in medical education and the medical profession, by providing mentorship, guidance, and support to students from all backgrounds.

As a wellbeing and mentoring organisation, Medic Mentor recognises the importance of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of medical students. By addressing the wellbeing needs of students and promoting a culture of self-care and resilience, Medic Mentor is helping to create a future generation of doctors who are better equipped to provide high-quality care to patients. 

Medic Mentor encourages and supports innovation in medical education and research, which can lead to improved patient outcomes and more effective and efficient healthcare practices.  By fostering a culture of curiosity and creativity among aspiring and current medical students, Medic Mentor is helping to drive progress and innovation in the medical field.

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Doctor Mentor is a society of doctors dedicated to fostering a culture of empowerment, growth, and personal wellbeing in the NHS. Our mission is to provide personalised mentorship to the next generation of NHS doctors, empowering and inspiring them to become successful and fulfilled healthcare professionals.

By prioritising individual growth and development, we aim to create a supportive environment from the ground up, enabling doctors to provide exceptional care while promoting their personal wellbeing and happiness.

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Volunteer Doctors Lead Large Scale Events

Doctors can volunteer at Medic Mentor by leading large-scale events, such as mock interview days and medical leadership programme teaching days. These events provide aspiring students with the opportunity to learn from experienced doctors and gain valuable insights into the medical profession.

To get involved in these events, doctors can contact Medic Mentor and express their interest in volunteering. Medic Mentor will then provide volunteer doctors with more information on the specific event and the role they will be playing. Medic Mentor offers training to ensure that doctors are well-prepared and equipped to lead these events and provide a positive learning experience for students.

In addition to leading large-scale events, doctors can also get involved in mentoring medical students who have been awarded scholarships worth up to £12,000 (from Medic Mentor) to support them at medical school. This mentoring programme offers doctors the opportunity to work one-on-one with medical students, providing them with guidance, support, and advice throughout their medical degree.

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Medic Mentor is Committed to

Widening Access to Medical School

Widening access to medical school involves making the opportunity to pursue a career in medicine more accessible to students from diverse backgrounds, including those from underrepresented communities, lower socio-economic backgrounds, and non-traditional pathways.

Medic Mentor is a UK-based social enterprise organisation that aims to increase the diversity and inclusivity of the medical profession by providing support and guidance to students from underrepresented backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

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