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Medic Mentor Students Raise Over £8000 for the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund

Medic Mentor Students Raise Over £8000 for the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund

Hi everyone! It’s Yosha and Lynette (the fundraising officers) here and you can find the latest updates on charities that Medic Mentor are a part of on this blog. Currently, we are raising money for the ‘Doctors in Difficulty’ charity in partnership with the Royal Benevolent Fund (more information under the COVID-19 Mission tab on this website). We have around 250 members on the WhatsApp chat -and many more who aren’t in the online group- who share ideas of how to raise money and you can join us to support a worthy cause! We have already raised over £8000 as a result of some amazing events that our campaigners have held such as:

  • Virtual Movie Night by Marcus
  • Study Sessions by Zoe
  • Virtual Yoga Session by Yasmin
  • Bollywood Dance Class by Priyasha
  • Sponsored Push Ups by Manas
  • Online Chess Tournament by Koby
  • Donate a Cuppa by Harshita
  • Read 5, Nominate 5, Donate 5 by @covid19mission on Instagram
  • Upcoming Virtual Debates and the ‘Way 2 the Stage’ Talent Show, Short Film and Photography Challenges and Drawing Competitions
  • Here are some campaign videos we have made:

Fundraising from home can be as simple as hosting a family quiz night or a sponsored run and every donation counts towards our target of alleviating doctors from physical and emotional challenges. Plus, it would be useful in the future (during interviews for example) to mention being part of a national campaign to support the healthcare workers that sacrifice so much for our wellbeing. Clapping is a great sign of appreciation, but actively fundraising can have a significant impact on our frontline workers. It is not too late to get involved and Medic Mentor support 2 charities per year- so be sure to look out for our next initiative. As volunteer campaigners, make sure to evidence how you’re doing your part in raising money and send this You can post comments and questions to Lynette or I (Yosha) under this page for us to respond to.

To keep up to date with activities follow @warriors_nhs on twitter and @covid19mission, @nhs_heroes_ and @medicmentor on Instagram. Happy donating!

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