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Medic Mentor Scholarships

In this episode of the Becoming A Doctor Podcast, Lucy and Ciara interview Dr Lauren Quinn who is President of Medic Mentor. Dr Quinn discusses the Medic Mentor Scholarship of up to £12,000 available for medical, dental and veterinary students and all of the other benefits of being a Medic Mentor Scholar. 

Do you know how to get involved in a research project? How can you develop your leadership skills as a medical student? What is an academic foundation post (AFP) and how do I get one?

Listen more to find answers to all of these questions and find out how you can be the next Medic Mentor Scholar! 

As always, comment down below your thoughts on the episode. Do you have any questions for Dr Quinn?

If you are not on the Medical/Dental/Veterinary Awards Programme, you won’t be eligible for a scholarship.  It is not too late to enrol and learn more here:

Academic Support and Resources
Problem Based Learning Questions

Problem based learning (PBL) is a popular method of learning, currently used by most health professional courses in the UK.

The aim of PBL is for you to read through a complex and broad series of information, to identify areas of interest and areas you would like to explore further, in order to further your knowledge of specific topics, through self-directed learning.

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