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Chief Mentors are Teaching Fellowships which are full-time salaried positions. Chief Mentors are unique individuals who are excellent teachers, presenters and highly motivational.  They are mostly responsible for looking after the secondary school students and working alongside school teachers. As part of the Teaching Fellowship, individuals are expected to present and co-ordinate conferences / teaching days, produce educational resources such as books / e-learning resources and get involved in medical education research.

Chief Mentors are not only working doctors, but also have years of experience working in medical school admissions.  They are the first point of contact for all of our applying students and parents.

Please ensure that you have read the Person Specification document before you submit your application. If you would like some advice before you apply give us a ring on the Mentor Helpline number 01530413709

We look forward to welcoming you to the Medic Mentor family!

Chief Mentor Job Specification

Job title: Chief Mentor

Teaching Fellowship Location: Leicestershire

Salary: £35,000 per year

Role: Non-clinical

Full-time: Working five days per week, including two weekends a month, annual contract (renewable).

Required qualifications: Medical Doctor or Dentist or Vet

Medic Mentor are recruiting for highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals who want to join the team in a full-time role as designated Chief Mentors for the organisation. This is a non-clinical Teaching Fellowship post. In this role, you will be contributing to the Medic Mentor programmes and initiatives which support students applying to and currently studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine. Medics, dentists and vets will be appointed as Chief Mentors for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary medicine respectively.

As Chief Mentor, you will be based at the Medic Mentor head-office in Leicestershire and will be working with our current and new Chief Mentors to develop and enhance our wide range of educational programmes, including our healthcare conferences for aspiring students, our national leadership development programme, the summer school and publications. Doctors, dentists and vets will be Chief Mentors for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine respectively. As Chief Mentor you will be one of the faces of the organisation and will regularly present at our conferences and events to aspiring and current students, providing your experiences and insight thus far as a doctor, dentist or vet. You will also be integral to the mentoring process and take phone calls with aspiring students and parents to advise them on the application process and how Medic Mentor can help them. In addition, you will have the opportunity to do visits to schools as Medic Mentor have established the largest medical careers network in schools.

You will be working closely with the Educational Directorate committee, of doctors, dentists and vets, who take the lead on and manage scholars to further design and implement the educational programmes we offer. There is also the opportunity to evaluate the Medic Mentor educational programmes and be involved in submitting the work as qualitative research for conference presentations and publications. This role offers exceptional opportunities to develop your teaching, leadership and management, research and presentation skills, all whilst making a national impact. Chief mentors will be supported in their role and coached to enhance their teaching, presentation, written communication and mentoring skills. You are expected to enjoy presenting to large audiences, be a motivational role model and work as a team to implement the decisions made by the central committee.

To apply for this role, you must be a qualified doctor, dentist or vet. If you are interested in working for Medic Mentor in a part-time role alongside your clinical work, please apply for the Medic Mentor Vice-President programme.

We are looking for individuals to apply for the Medic Mentor Chief Mentor post who have previously been highly engaged with teaching, leadership and/or research and who can demonstrate early aptitude in these areas. Chief mentors must be passionate about education and already be or have the potential to become impressionable speakersand presenters, because this is such an integral part of the role. Chief Mentors must work well in a team, whilst also contributing to the leadership and


management of the organisation. Chief Mentors must also be highly driven and be creative with the ability to execute these ideas to further enhance our educational programmes. We are particularly seeking individuals who are willing to make the most of this unique opportunity with Medic Mentor. You will be joining a wonderful organisation comprised of highly motivated and engaged doctors, dentists and vets, all working towards improving wellbeing and raising aspirations amongst aspiring and current medical, dental and veterinary students across the UK.Chief Mentor is a non-clinical role, which focusses on developing the allied skills to medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. This role would make an excellent F3 year and there is also the opportunity to extend your time with Medic Mentor beyond a year.Your day-to-day responsibilities will involve speaking to students, parents and teachers on the phone to offer guidance, reassurance and sign-post them to important resources. You may be asked to ring schools and speak to teachers about Medic Mentor Widening Access Programmes. You will also be expected to travel to,present and co-ordinate largeconferencesas well as smaller school workshops. You will be expected to create educational resources and mentor students on their application journeys. You will be expected to work to deadlines and are ultimately responsible for the welfare of the students under your care. You may undertake research in the field of medical education. Most importantly, you are expected to be an inspirational role model, leader and team-player.

Working five days per week, including two weekends a month, annual contract (renewable with a salary increase). There are no night or evening shifts. Normal working hours are Monday-Friday 9-5pm. During weekends, you will be expected to travel to various conference locations where food and accommodation will be provided. Following your working weekends which may involve 10-hour work days, you will have 2 days off during the week so that you are not working more than 5 days a week in total.

Therefore, your rota will include2 weeks a month where you will be working Wednesday-Sunday and 2 weeks a month when you will be working Monday-Friday. For any questions or to discuss the role, please email: president@medicmentor.info

Medic Mentor are the national mentoring organisation for practising, training and aspiring doctors, dentists and vets. Medic Mentor offers the largest national leadership development programme for prospective students and the largest national educational scholarship programme for medical, dental and veterinary students. We are a dynamic, innovative and nationally impactful organisation, led by the education directorate committee comprised of practising doctors, dentists and vets.

Medic Mentor, as a community, are passionate about providing the highest quality education, committed to driving innovation in the field of med-ed and provide tailor-made mentorship to our students, to raise their aspirations and actively improving their wellbeing, morale and success. Overall, our pursuit is to sculpt the next generation of game changers equipped with a ‘can do, shall do, will do’ approach, to provide the most effective and insightful leaders of tomorrow that the NHS needs.

Medic Mentor provide support to students and professionals at every stage of their training. For aspiring students, we offer insight conferences and provide the detail on making a successful application, we provide a national leadership training programme, we collaborate with schools to set up Medic Mentor societies to unite students passionate about professional healthcare careers, we offer a residential summer school for personal statement mentoring support, we provide study guides and educational resources as medical wider reading and to prepare them for interviews, we offer the
national awards programme to encourage and acknowledge success, and we offer unlimited access to highly successful professionals, as mentors.

For medical, dental and veterinary students, we provide the largest scholarship programme in the UK, training and coaching on essential academic skills including leadership and teaching, opportunity to contribute to educational projects and participate in our wealth of events for aspiring students, wellbeing and pastoral support and unlimited access to professionals as mentors. For qualified doctors, dentists and vets, we offer national leadership positions into the education directorate as well as the opportunity to progress to our senior leadership positions and take a full-time role as teaching or research fellow.

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